Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Daily Grind: Mille Feuille - Upper West Side

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When walking on Broadway this little shop is very noticeable for it's neon pink lights glowing from inside the shop.  This week I went in to try out a new app I found on Gilt City, called CUPS.  My usual order is an iced latte to go, so that's what I went with!  Mille-Feuille is just as cute inside as it is on the outside.  The display case is filled with enticing desserts, and I was surprised to learn they offer sandwiches and lunch specials.  Something to try another time!

The CUPS app was super easy to use.  I just clicked on the cafe, selected my drink, then the barista punched in the cafe's special code.  The barista at this shop definitely made my elevated my experience of the cafe.  He was super helpful and patient while I figured out the app for my first time, and chatted with me about how popular the app is. 

Love the look of the espresso machine- so retro! 

Those neon lights!

The Daily Brew: Iced Pour Over Coffee

While I've tried iced pour over coffee at coffee shops, I've never tried brewing it at home.  I was inspired by La Colombe Coffee's Instagram this morning to try their new Japanese-style iced coffee recipe.  You can see the complete recipe on their blog here

I tried this brewing method with my Birch Cold Brew beans.  The recipe is in grams, so I converted everything into ounces for measuring.  With this brewing method it is important to get the ratio of coffee to water right.  Similar to how La Colombe makes their cold brew in their stores, this coffee is highly concentrated coffee diluted with ice.  My first attempt at this brewing method was not successful.  My coffee was too diluted.  I'll pop a photo of the mishap below.  My second attempt was a lot better, and is shown in the pictures below. 

First attempt at brewing method mishap:

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Daily Brew: Birch Cb Cold Brew

I like to kickoff my mornings with a good cup of coffee brewed at home.  Today, I brewed Birch's cold brew beans on my chemex.  Although the name indicates the company uses it as their cold brew, I like to brew it hot at home. 

The Daily Grind: Joe Coffee - Lincoln Square

Joe Coffee has several locations through out New York City.  Lately, I've been gravitating to their Upper West Side locations at 68th Street and 85th Street. Their coffee is solid, and when in the mood they always have delicious doughnuts from Dough.  Yum!

This time I tried their Shakedown, and took it for the road.