Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Daily Grind: Olive's Soho

Olive's is my go to takeaway lunch spot in Soho.  If the lunch special isn't sold out they are usually the bomb.  The half sandwich/half salad deal is really good, but this time I went with the whole sandwich special.  I believe this special sandwich was chicken salad.  It has sprouts on it.  Yum!  Eating it reminded me of this sandwich published in Saveur a few years ago.  Love making that sandwich at home!

I ordered the Stumptown Chocolate Cold Brew Coffee to go with my sandwich.  At the beginning of the summer a friend told me about this drink carried in her work's cafeteria.  I've seen Stumptown Cold Brew bottles and Cold Brew with Milk cartons at lot all over the city, but the Chocolate Cold Brew was no where to be seen.  It wasn't until this fall that I stumbled upon it when buying lunch.  This drink tastes like chocolate milk.  It's so good!  After drinking this I definitely felt a caffeine pick-me-up, which was great for shopping on Broadway afterwards. ;)  Thanks Amanda for the suggestion!

Cool tile floor in Olive's. 

I love that I caught this random tourist snapping a photo outside of the Apple store.  Soho is always hopping with tourists.  Olive's is nice because it's not on the main drag with the crowds.  Prince Street is a little more quiet.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Daily Grind: Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

One night recently I was running early to meet friends for dinner, so I decided to grab a cup of Joe.  But, this Joe was a little different... A few weeks ago my friend and I went to the new Toby's Estate location near Grand Central.  The new coffee shop is in UrbanSpace.  We took a seat with our coffee, and the guy next to us was taking photos of his coffee.  It looked so good!  I ended up snapping a photo of his coffee, so I could remember to try it some other time.  He was very generous- even moved his phone and the coffee over so I could get a better shot!  He told me the name of his drink was an affogato, which I had never heard of before.  In case you haven't either, an affogato is an Italian dessert where ice cream is "drowned" with espresso. 

Here is my Asian friend's affogato from Toby's Estate.  

Dinner was downtown near Union Square, and Toby's Estate was nearby in Greenwich Village.  I got to the store right before closing.  The barista disappointingly told me that they don't sell ice cream based drinks at that location.  Low and behold she let's me know Van Leeuwen is right around the corner.  Van Leeuwen is the company Toby's Estate gets their ice cream from AND Van Leeuwen sells affogatos with Toby's Estate beans.  Too good to be true!  I walk over to 10th St and into Van Leeuwen where it turns out there are flavors I can choose from for my affogato.  I wrongly assumed they were only served with vanilla.  After a discussion about flavors with the baristas I went with espresso ice cream for my affogato, and got it to stay.  Seriously so glad the barista suggested the ice cream flavor.  It was amazing.  I want to have an affogato everyday.  Forget having it as dessert!  In this case it was the perfect afternoon pick-me-up before dinner. 

I was surprised when the drink came and the ice cream and espresso weren't served together.  It took me a minute, but I finally decided I should just pour the espresso over the ice cream.  Good idea, hard to eat/drink.  LOL

Here's my soup, that I found difficult to eat/drink.

Van Leeuwen ice cream is made is New York, which I think rocks!  I can't wait to go to their other locations. 

The Daily Brew: Bluestone Lane - Niccolo

In my opinion Bluestone Lane has the best espresso in New York.  I love it.  I go out of my way to get it- it's that good.  On National Coffee Day I followed Bluestone Lane down to Nolita for free coffee in honor of NCD.  They set up shop in Kit and Ace.  I went with a friend and we fell in love with the shop.  Everything was soft and had a clean-modern aesthetic.  Also, loved that they did tailoring on-site for free!  I had been meaning to purchase beans from Bluestone Lane to try brewing them at home, so I picked up a mini bag from the trike.  Turns out they just started making small bags of beans.  Win for me. ;)

Here are some pics from National Coffee Day. 


Here is the coffee I brewed I brewed from home.  I liked the idea of buying a small bag of coffee beans.  The reason being that I like switching up my coffee beans every two weeks or so.  Brewing the same beans over an over gets a bit boring.  This bag of Niccolo lasted just the right amount of time.  The coffee was good, but not nearly as good as their espresso in house.  It might be time to invest in an espresso machine.  eeek!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

NYC: San Gennaro Feast

A few weeks ago some friends and I went to Little Italy to try some tasty eats at the San Gennaro Feast.  I was getting over a cold, but it was nice to get out and try something different.  My friend and I took citi bikes to Lafayette and walked downtown.

As we wandered downtown the streets were packed with people.  Here is a cute picture of my friend in the sea of people.

We waited here to meet a friend who was running later.


Had some corn and mozzarella fried food in the mean time. 

Amanda arrived! 

Best cannolis in New York from Ferrara.

Loved this fire hydrant. 

We went to the mother ship to buy our cannolis. 

Great end to the night.