Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Daily Grind: Olive's Soho

Olive's is my go to takeaway lunch spot in Soho.  If the lunch special isn't sold out they are usually the bomb.  The half sandwich/half salad deal is really good, but this time I went with the whole sandwich special.  I believe this special sandwich was chicken salad.  It has sprouts on it.  Yum!  Eating it reminded me of this sandwich published in Saveur a few years ago.  Love making that sandwich at home!

I ordered the Stumptown Chocolate Cold Brew Coffee to go with my sandwich.  At the beginning of the summer a friend told me about this drink carried in her work's cafeteria.  I've seen Stumptown Cold Brew bottles and Cold Brew with Milk cartons at lot all over the city, but the Chocolate Cold Brew was no where to be seen.  It wasn't until this fall that I stumbled upon it when buying lunch.  This drink tastes like chocolate milk.  It's so good!  After drinking this I definitely felt a caffeine pick-me-up, which was great for shopping on Broadway afterwards. ;)  Thanks Amanda for the suggestion!

Cool tile floor in Olive's. 

I love that I caught this random tourist snapping a photo outside of the Apple store.  Soho is always hopping with tourists.  Olive's is nice because it's not on the main drag with the crowds.  Prince Street is a little more quiet.

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