Sunday, January 10, 2016


I love painting, crafting, art supplies, etc.  When coloring books started popping up in stores for adults I got really excited.  I have never been a big coloring person, but the coloring books are all just so beautiful.  Their beauty made me want to give coloring a go.  I hear it can be very relaxing.  My little sister got me this coloring post card set for Christmas.  The front are for coloring and the back for writing and posting your letter.  I got my little sister a coloring book for Christmas, too.  Ha! I got her the Lost Ocean coloring book by Johanna Basford.  Over Christmas we had a coloring party.  My little sister, her friend and I colored together. 

I borrowed my sister's watercolor pencils to color in the post cards.  I found it easier to color in the small designs a little bit, then to use a paint brush to fill the color in more.  

As I mentioned above, Lost Ocean is the coloring book I got my sister for Christmas.  Here's the beautiful cover design.

I bought this book before Christmas and have done a little coloring in it.  I am fascinated by cities and architecture.  I love exploring and seeing different places.  I'm hoping I can frame some of the cities coloring pages.  They are all so beautiful.  I'm a bit nervous about filling them in with color and not being happy with the result.

I took a class at Paper Source a while back where I learned about water coloring with a pen/brush.  You fill the bottom with water and dip it into your watercolors.   Such a great idea, and so fun to try out.  I would probably not continue using this watercolor pen on the cities book, because the paper is thin and not meant for water coloring.

Going through the coloring book it's fun to guess which city the drawing is a depiction of.   

Here is where I tested the watercolor pen on the paper for the sky.  I recognize these buildings from the Upper West Side in Manhattan.  When you are in Central Park they are very noticeable.   I chose this cityscape as my first coloring, because I recognized where it is.  

Bringing out my colored pencils to finish this page.

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