Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

This year has been an amazing year filled with lots of experiences, travel and adventures with family and friends.  I have absolutely loved traveling to places near and far, and experiencing coffee in these different places.  My sister and friends have joined in on the coffee adventures, which has been so much fun.  I like having a buddy to share the experience with.  Thank you Lucy, Kelsey, Claudia, Amanda, Allison and Marleny for joining me on coffee adventures!

  1. Some highlights of this year include:
  2. Starting this blog (!!!)
  3. Traveling to Europe, Asia and different parts of the United States
  4. Adventuring to coffee shops all over the North East United States, and Europe
  5. Starting a new job
  6. Going on vacation with friends to Miami, Maine and a cabin in Pennsylvania
  7. Taking a crafting class, and crafting my own cards- the real win here was carving out time to be creative
In the next year I am excited to work on taking better photos.  Since I took a photography class in high school with my dad's Canon AE-1 camera I have loved taking photos and wanted a nice digital camera of my own.  This year I finally got that camera, and I am SO excited to take photos and improve my photo taking skills.  With that said, I am excited to challenge myself to post my photos on here every day for the next year.

I hope my next year is filled with as much or MORE adventure, travel and experiences than this past year.

A picture from my New Years Eve:

Happy New Year!

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