Friday, January 29, 2016

Murray's Cheese Shop

Cheese is one of my favorites foods.  I love a good creamy blue cheese.  Cambozola creamy blue cheese is one of my favorites along with Fromager d'Affinois blue double cream blue brie.  Last year when I discovered Murray's Cheese Shop I was very happy.  The coffee was actually what brought me to the store, though.  It was the one week at work where my company stopped carrying Wandering Bear Coffee Co coffee and I was desperate.  I went to buy a box of coffee, and left with the box and a grilled cheese in hand.  They make grilled cheese sandwiches fresh on site that you can take out or eat on one of their high top tables. 

Murray's Cheese Shop normally has a great selection of coffee beans, so I sought them out in the back of the store.  I picked up espresso beans from Intelligentsia.  As I am still trying to perfect my brewing method for making espresso at home I said yes when the woman at checkout asked if I wanted the beans ground.  I normally like to grind beans at home before each brew for the freshest cup.  Having them grind the beans on their espresso setting worked really well.  I brewed up a cup of espresso this morning, and it was finally a strong and yummy cup.

Noosa pumpkin yogurt is out of this world!  

Here I poured the Wandering Bear Coffee Co cold brew coffee over ice, added milk, and sugar.  Perfect way to start the work day! 

Look how fresh and yummy the ground espresso beans look! Yippee! 

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