Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Daily Brew: Oslo Coffee Company Thor House Blend

The Oslo Coffee Company Thor House Blend part two!

This week I tried brewing the Thor beans on my chemex.  I think the beans tasted better over the ski weekend.  Probably due to the brewing method.  I haven't completely mastered the art of brewing on a chemex, which reminds me I've been meaning to take a class!  A bunch of coffee shops offer classes on this stuff in the city.  They sound like a lot of fun to try.

When brewing this time I boiled hot water and pored it onto the ground beans.  I think this is where my brewing needs more knowledge.  I think I've heard that the water should be at a particular temperature when brewing on a chemex.  The coffee might not have tasted as good because I used too hot water.  Something to be explored for next time!

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