Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Daily Brew: Toby's Estate Flatiron Espresso Blend

More often than not I find myself ordering espresso based drinks.  I have gotten really into the taste of espresso and milk.  For a while I've been wanting an espresso machine, but they are so darn expensive.  Plus, who wants an extra bulky machine cluttering their cramped New York City kitchen!?  I wasn't sure my kitchen could take it. 

I found a solution to my problem with this Italian EspressION espresso brewer.  I found it at Zabar's on the Upper West Side.  It's perfect because it's nice and small and easy to use.  For my first time using the pot I brewed Toby's Estate Flatiron Espresso Blend beans.  They have been keeping fresh in my freezer. 

The picture instructions shown below were all I had to use to figure out how to brew using this pot.  It didn't cross my mind until I had the whole thing together and on the heat that I didn't know how to tell when the espresso was done and ready.  Oops!

First things first, I filled the bottom half of the pot with water.  You can't really tell in the picture below, but the pot is filled with water.

Next, insert the coffee beans holder, and fill with ground coffee beans. 

Put the whole pot over heat.  The pot is so small I was worried it was too small for all of my burners, so I put the heat on really low.  That ended up not working well, so I heated the pot on medium heat until it boiled.  I could hear the water boiling in the pot, and called it done once the boiling noise calmed down.  The pot was full on top meaning I guessed right! Success. :)

I poured the remaining of my milk carton into a coffee cup and poured the espresso into the cup.  The milk wasn't heated up for this experiment.  I think in the future I would either heat up the milk first or ice the drink.  Something to try next time!  

My first cup came out way better than I expected.   I was happily pleased.  Although, I think I may have drank some coffee grinds with the espresso and milk.  Next time I may experiment with how much I grind up the coffee beans to see if I can get better results.  Overall, I'm very pleased with this espresso brewing method!  I can't wait to see if this can easily be made before work. 

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