Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Travel Grind: Glazed and Infused, Chicago, IL

When it comes to a good doughnut I am a sucker.  Coffee shops in New York carry the good fancy doughnuts and for a while there I was a frequent purchaser.  I have weened myself off of them thankfully.  But, Dough and Doughnutplant are so good.  Enough about New York doughnuts.  I'm talking about Chicago doughnuts! 

When I visited Chicago I knew I had to go to Intelligentsia Coffee, because Chicago is where the company is based out of.  You always have to visit a coffee shop in it's home city (obviously!).  Once that was done I had done some research on other must see places.  I really wanted to check out Wicker Park.  See what all the hype was about, and if it was anything like Brooklyn.  For some reason I just imagined it would be the Chicago equivalent of Brooklyn.  So, I went to Myopic Books and took a stroll through the stacks.  From there I walked to Glazed and Infused.  Knowing how much I love New York doughnuts I thought it was worth trying one in another city that had to have just as good doughnuts.  I am not completely sure of the first doughnut that I ordered was.  I would guess it was a raspberry doughnut.  It was good, but clearly not memorable.  Their website doesn't show this doughnut on their menu anymore.  It could have been seasonal.  BUT, the other doughnut I ordered was the Maple Bacon Long John.  It was the best doughnut I've ever had.  I dream about it, it was just that good!  The bacon was sweet and flaky and salty, and the doughnut was maple sugar delightfulness.  I am going to bed now dreaming of this doughnut.

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