Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Coffee Art IV

Iced chai latte on a sunny day in the West Village.  Bring me back!

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Daily Grind: Darling Coffee

This weekend I headed uptown for brunch with friends. Amanda and I went uptown early so that we could grab a coffee at Darling Coffee before brunch. 

This weekend there were no 1 trains running, which is the train I have taken before to go to Darling Coffee. Instead we took the A train from Columbus Circle up to Inwood-207 Street and walked down the street to the coffee shop.  The train ride was rather quicker than expected. We were both surprised and delighted by how early we were. We loved this glittery - disco ball design in the subway station when we got out!

Compared to the gray winter day outside this place is bright and open.  All of the baked goods in the display below are made on site (with the exception of their fresh bread selection).  All of the treats looked so good! 

This is by far the coolest tip jar I've seen in a coffee shop. I had to include a photo.  Tip jar payable by credit card- cool. 

Darling Coffee has different tables and times when customers can use computers at tables. I thought their signs were great!  This is definitely a popular and busy coffee shop. I thought these signs were a nice way of making the space usable for everyone. 

I love Dough doughnuts, but it was really refreshing that this coffee shop didn't have them. I feel like I've had too many delightful Dough and Doughnut Plant doughnuts that I'm all doughnutted out. I know I was uptown to go to brunch, but I couldn't help myself when I saw carrot/pumpkin cake in their display. I love carrot cake and anything pumpkin. Sold! This cake was delightful. 

Amanda and I both ordered dirty iced chai lattes (my favorite!).  The dirty iced chai here tastes spicy, earthy and completely yummy. I asked the barista and they said Darling Coffee makes their own chai tea. So good!

I love all of the pretty cups on top of the espresso machine. It made me want to try all of their drinks so I could try all of their cups. Ha!

The lovely Amanda posing in front of artwork at the coffee shop. 

The Daily Brew: Wandering Bear Hot Chocolate

Switched things up this week and tried mixing cocoa with Wandering Bear Cold Brew.  All I did was heat up a cup of cold brew coffee and stir in two tablespoons of cocoa.  It was fun trying a new way of drinking this coffee, but I think I will stick to drinking Wandering Bear as cold coffee!

Sunday, February 21, 2016