Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Daily Grind: Sweetleaf, Long Island City, Queens

Friends and I went out to Queens to go to the Bergdorf Goodman Window Prop Sale.  I didn't end up buying anything in the sale, although it was fun to look around at the pieces that have made up their window and store displays over the years.  Afterwards we headed back West towards Manhattan for brunch and coffee.  It was a bit of a grey day.  Luckily we didn't get rained on, but it snowed!

Here are some photos I snapped on our way to Sweetleaf on Center Boulevard in Queens.  It's interesting to see the new, old, industrial and residential structures all mixed together in this area.

A friend and I tried these cinnamon doughnuts at the NYC Craft Coffee Festival this past fall and loved them.  I may have done the deal and bought three of these for myself...

Waiting for our coffees and taking silly selfies. 

This seating area looked glorious!  The shop was filled with people hanging out, having brunch or working on their laptops.  I would definitely go back and camp out in this quiet corner of the shop.  I am a sucker for a nice leather couch.  

I love popping over to Sweetleaf in Queens then taking a walk along the East River with my coffee.  It's always beautiful and peaceful.  A nice escape from busy Manhattan.  This is one of my favorite coffee spots for their Rocketfuel and a nice walk!

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