Monday, March 14, 2016

The Daily Brew: Joe K Cups

Found these k cups in Homegoods a while back, and thought they would be fun to try.  My office has a keurig.  I don't have one at home, so I thought it would be good to buy nice coffee for the one at work.  Previous to buying the k cups I bought reusable filters for the keurig and filled it with my good coffee, but that went horribly wrong.  It never tasted any good.  I gave these a shot and am disappointed.  The Tall, Dark and Handsome is a cute name for the coffee, but it's dark.  Waaaayyy too dark.  I've tried different attempts at diluting it with milk or more water, and nothing has worked.  I've found a medium roast in Homegoods, but not a light roast.  I'm weary of trying the medium roast, so I think for now I will just stick with home drip brewed coffee or cold brew in a canteen for work. 

Photos from brewing the coffee at work.

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