Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend at the Beach

My last Bean Box has arrived, and I haven't even finished the box that came before. This weekend I was excited to brew up coffee beans from the older box. My family and friends enjoyed trying the Bean Box coffee. My sister confessed she was going to buy me a subscription for my birthday in July, and now she would have to figure out something else. I was like, well, I actually have a coupon and am completely ok with more beans from Bean Box. Haha

While I was preparing the coffee my mom and friend, Henry were working hard on the Sunday advanced seduko puzzle in the New York Times. The puzzle had so many scribblings and eraser marks that they had to recreate the puzzle on a separate sheet of paper. I love seduko and was like I have to crack this puzzle (before they do), and so I copied it onto my own sheet of paper and started going at it. After two hours of working on the puzzle I'm not sure if they actually cracked it. I ended up stopping so I could get ready for the day. We were going sailing!

We all grabbed a pair of tevas, made lemonade and sandwiches, and packed up for sailing on the bay. As it turned out, the fog was so thick on the bay that we couldn't go sailing. Instead we took a walk on the dock and caught up with friends. 

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